Should I Buy a Home with a Pool in Southern California?

Should I Buy a Home with a Pool in Southern California?If you're house hunting in Southern California, you may be considering buying a home with a pool. In our warm, sunny climate, homeowners with a pool can enjoy it for the majority of the year. Before you buy a house with a pool, consider how it impacts your lifestyle, the resale value of your home, and your expenses to make a confident home purchase. 

Lifestyle Benefits of Owning a Pool

The first factor most buyers consider when buying a home with a pool is the lifestyle it offers. Having a pool in your own backyard means being able to cool off any time, stay fit with low-impact cardio, and host pool parties and gatherings any time. 

It can also be a good move for your resale value in the future. Homes with pools often have a higher appeal, especially in Southern California where outdoor living space is a top priority for many buyers. Our climate encourages outdoor activities and the culture here is one that places an emphasis on staying active; because of these things, a pool can make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

How often can I use my pool in Southern California?

One of the most significant advantages of having a pool in Southern California is the ability to use it year-round. Our region’s mild climate, known for warm temperatures and minimal rainfall, means you can enjoy your pool in every season. If you have a heated pool, or a black cover that leverages sunshine to warm the water, you may be able to use the pool virtually all year. 

Costs of Owning a Pool

There are a few costs associated with owning a pool that you should factor into your home budget.

Safety, Liability, and Insurance

Safety is a paramount concern for pool owners. Installing appropriate safety features such as fences, alarms, and covers is essential, especially if you have children or plan to sell the home to families. These measures not only protect your loved ones but also enhance the appeal of your property to potential buyers. 

Owning a pool can also affect your homeowner’s insurance policy. Pools are considered an attractive nuisance, meaning they can increase liability risks. Talk with your insurance agent to find out how your premiums would be affected.


Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your pool in good condition. This includes cleaning, balancing chemicals, and checking equipment like pumps and filters. You may decide to handle the maintenance yourself, or budget for a pool maintenance company to take this off your plate.


Pools can significantly increase your utility bills. Running the pump, heating the pool, and topping up water levels will add to your monthly expenses. The exact cost will vary based on the size of the pool, the type of heating system, and your usage habits, but you may be able to ask the sellers for some information about this.


Over time, pools will require repairs and upgrades. This can include fixing leaks, resurfacing, or replacing old equipment. It’s essential to budget for these potential costs, which can run into the thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the work needed.

Do I need to winterize my pool in Southern California?

Unlike other areas with harsh winters, pool owners in Southern California do not need to winterize their pools, which saves time and money. While most owners use their pool very little in the winter months, simply putting a cover over it should be sufficient.

Is owning a pool in Southern California worth it?

Deciding to buy a home with a pool is a completely personal choice. Real estate expert Dave Van Nus with We Know Portland Real Estate weighed in with his perspective: 

"Deciding if the cost of owning a pool is worth it requires balancing the joy and lifestyle benefits it brings against the financial commitment. Consider how often you'll use it, the potential increase in your home's value, and the ongoing maintenance expenses. Ultimately, it's about determining if the pleasure and convenience align with your budget and long-term goals."

Whether you want to buy a home with a pool, a condo, a fixer upper, or any other kind of Southern California real estate, we're here for you. Contact us to find out why our track record of over 1,000 homes sold and our award as the Service Provider of the Year make us the perfect fit for you. 

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