Should Your Sellers Fly Their Flags or Take Them Down?

Curb appeal is an important feature when preparing a house for viewings, and this includes the seller's choice of flag that may be on display.

A recent homebuyer survey presented a selection of 13 flags to qualified buyers and came up with these results.

  • The most popular: the American Stars and Stripes flag, followed by Black Lives Matter and pro-choice flags.
  • Almost 30% of buyers would be more likely to buy a home after seeing one or more rainbow (LGBTQ+) flags in the neighborhood, especially if they're Gen Zers or Millennials.
  • Other countries' flags had the least effect on buyers, with almost 60% of respondents saying that this would have no impact on a purchase decision.
  • Other flags, such as the Confederate flag, had a detrimental effect. Almost half of the respondents admitted they would pass on a home if sellers displayed this flag. Conversely, anti-gun flags were also off-putting to over 25% of respondents.

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